Example:  Cata de Silenci (A taste of silence)

A group process in which, using nature as our core tool, we provoke experiences that will become an ever-lasting part of the team.

Client:  A group of 50 global wine experts requested an experience which was not only innovative, but truly unique.  Having taken part in many experiences previously, they were looking for a "WOW" factor.  We not only needed to surprise them, but ourselves as well.

Experience:  The ancient ruins of a monastery provided the backdrop for a magical experience.  Guests were blindfolded and accompanied to a their seats at night.  An owl began to call.  A violinist began to play softly - the music echoed around the walls and across the mountain-side.   Participants were invited to interact with silence, like never before.  With blindfolds removed, emotions began to flow.  

Results:  The emotional response of all participants left us with no doubt that we'd not only provided an experience which surprised, but one which evoked truly personal emotional reactions in a way we could never have imagined.

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