Example: Political party

Creation and design of provocative settings to make meetings strikingly different, in natural surroundings or bringing nature to company spaces.

It's not only about the "what" or the "how" of our experiences.  We like to break from the now and challenge the "where" our experiences take place.  


For years now Desconnexions has chosen spaces, natural settings and places where the we feel that, just being there, is a gift.

Client:  We worked with a well known national level political party, who's objective was lay new foundations for their immediate future.  

Experience:   We moved the office into a spectacular natural setting, where the magical environment enabled clearer heads and better decision making.  We gave participants coordinates and an expected arrival time.  And off they set. 

Results:  The ERC were able to achieve a clear direction for their future activities and priorities.  Every participant left invigorated and relaxed.

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