Example:  Novoprint

We create the "big idea" for large events the unifying thread; in so defining all of the different components, to ensure your event has meaning and delivers the maximum experience to all of the participants.

Large events are experiences that are often the most challenging, but also the most rewarding.

Client:  The 30-year anniversary celebrations of a digital printing company lasted two days and we created a once in a lifetime experience.

Experience:  As our printers were all about colour, it seemed appropriate that the natural colours of the world, and elements of the earth were the main protagonists for this experience.  Day one saw more than 100 people complete a mountain circuit, where characters such as mother-earth, a prehistoric man, a shepherd, an Eskimo and an executive awaited participants,  offering activities that left all in awe.  A full weekend of experiences followed, with the filming of a "lipdub" video (for marketing purposes) in the heart of the forest, and a colour-party rounded out an unforgettable celebration.  

Results:  Not only did Novoprint leave with memories which will last a lifetime, we noted that the event was a defining moment in the further development of a great corporate culture.  Employees left motivated, with a better sense of belonging to a great company.  Relationships were formed, and working practices improved.  And we created some great marketing content!

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