Example:  Marta - Painter, Barcelona

Individual change process in which a Disconnector accompanies you throughout a series of in-company and in-nature sessions.

We love working with teams.  However we remind ourselves often, that teams are made of individuals, and it's just as important to work one-on-one, rather than as a whole group.  For the engine to work efficiently, all of the parts have to perform.  That's why Desconnexions removes people from their norms, and takes them one step further.   From A, to Z, individual desconnexions take you on a personal experience; using nature as the canvas, from which to explore, redefine and rediscover all of the letters in between.

Client:  Marta, a painter from Barcelona, contacted us because, according to her, she had lost the creativity which defined her.

Experience:  Following a few hours of one-on-one time in Barcelona, we collected her with a 4x4 vehicle and headed into the mountains.  A relaxing journey and process of self-rediscovery followed.  At her final destination, a hillside overlooking valleys and mountains,  blank canvas awaited her, a table with tea and a small speaker for music. 

Results:  According to her, the experience was one of the best gifts she had received.  She felt that amidst the silence, she rediscovered her peace, and left behind any reason for loss of creativity.