The Search.jpg
Ideal for:
from 1 to 25 people
from 1.5 to 3 hours
Those teams that want to compete, have fun and at the same time benefit from a fun experience.
When the team thinks that a conventional activity has begun and they are heading towards the point marked on the map, a character appears with their vehicles that will surprise them with an unexpected challenge.
This actor begins his role in telling the team that he has lost his dogs. The challenge begins when you seek help in finding your beloved dogs, and you are invited to split up into groups. This is where a more competitive component is added: The actor informs you that he will reward the group that brings their dogs first. With all this, he has a gps screen where you can see at all times the dogs are, for this reason, each team will have to leave one of the components with the actor so that he can communicate via transmitter to his team where they are. and how dogs move.
The teams will have a grid map for orientation, a pair of stations and a backpack with water and a gps transmitter to be located .. The activity ends with the arrival of the teams and their dogs to the point where is the actor.