Working like bees

Desconnexions actividad empresa teambuil
Ideal for:
from 1 to 100 people
from 1 to 1.5 hours
Those teams that need a new perspective, fresh air for developing skills and competencies.
We live in a time when leadership seems to be changing more than important. It seems teams are getting more and more pressure to be the best version of themselves.
In this activity, where accompanied by a great professional in the beekeeping sector, we will travel through the exciting world of bees and the products we can get from their wonderful work as a team or as a society.
We will be able to taste the different types of honey and after this curious experience we will learn more about ourselves according to the selection we have made and the tastes will also give us information about who we are.

We'll see how insects work and how to apply their behaviors to the teamworking world.